Sensibly Styled by the Seaside

I yammer on quite often about clothes that feel like "me" or how I feel good in this or that outfit, but let's touch briefly on some clothes that don't feel like me--sensible ones! Not all sensible clothes to be sure, but as we spent a few days in early May hiking around a couple of Irish islands the most sensible clothes were in order. Side note: I tend to call any walk in nature that takes several hours a hike, but Thomas feels you have to climb a mountain to call it a hike. So even though we would take a ferry across to an island in the morning and basically walk all day through fields and over hills, those wanderings would not be a hike in Thomas's book...still I did dress sensibly for these mild walks. Leggings and sturdy boots, a couple of comfortable layers finished with my delightfully bright yellow Lighthouse jacket on top. The pop of yellow made me so much more comfortable in the 'ol boring hiking clothes, which were so not me but I must say I like this jacket so much more as a layer with an outfit like this! Living in Northern Ireland means there's pretty much always a jacket either lurking just outside the frame of pictures where I discarded before we started snapping or rumpled up in the backseat of the car, ready for when the sun goes away or the wind starts to blow--which is always does, especially at the coast. Take this day; gorgeous sunshine and warm temperatures that actually had me contemplating dipping my toes in the ocean, but there's still a strong breeze coming off the water and later in the evening the coat was a necessary layer when the sun dipped lower in the sky. Lighthouse makes some of my favorite jackets for this mercurial island; lightweight, waterproof, and finished with sweet details (wooden buttons!), they're sensible clothes for this climate that I don't feel weird wearing.


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