Finding My Balance

Balance is something I really struggle with. I mean, literally, I have flat feet so my balance isn't the best in the world and it can make me a bit clumsy and yet another reason I love flats and low-ish heels, but also figuratively. When you freelance and work for yourself it's very hard to turn "off." To stop working at a certain time of day or take weekends off. And it's doubly hard to say no to new projects even when you already feel like your plate is full. I have projects and ideas in my head that I'd love to work on but never seem to find enough time to devote to them because I can't seem to make myself slow down with the other work. Because that is the thing about balance and life--something has to give. You have to make space for what you want in life. No extra hours are going to magically appear in the day for that dream project, you have to take the hours from somewhere else and allocate them. So, I think that's my big project in the next few months, learning to cut back in some spaces so I can grow in another. One thing I'd love to work on is more wedding and engagement photography. I do photograph weddings every now and then (and the odd friend as well), but I'd love to actually grow that into a regular business. Weddings are on the mind since it is the season--I have an engagement shoot scheduled for next month and have been chatting with a friend about her wedding this autumn and looking at bridesmaid dresses with her. Which is probably why today's outfit reminds me of a low-key bridesmaid look...



  1. My husband is a photographer and we both admire your work! I say go for it Rebecca, because you will surely be successful. Balance is never easy to find. I recently took on an accountability partner to help me with this. You should try to find another blogger and do the same. It works wonders. Keep on keeping on! xx

  2. Great thoughts indeed, and outfit. Best wishes with your photography plans!

  3. Aww, perfect look, as always. Best of luck with your photography - if it means anything, I love your style and think you can do great things!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  4. Your dress is so pretty, I love it with the belt

  5. Your photography is always so beautiful and I'd love to see you work on more wedding and engagement photo projects on this blog! This dress is gorgeous, by the way!

    Sweet Helen Grace

  6. This dress is so pretty, I love the lace detail and the heels on the shoes.

  7. Wish you could shoot my wedding! Shame I don't live in Ireland. :(

    1. Scratch that. It's actually a shame I don't live in Ireland!!

  8. I've been following you for so many years now, and even though I still enjoy the outfit photos I must say these little insights in your thoughts and everyday-life is even nicer! Oh and on that note, I'm so curious on how your little cottage looks from the inside, are you planning to share any photos anytime?

  9. Oh the balance.... I feel the same as well. I have so many ideas in my mind and so "little time" to execute them! I blame my day job for that :P


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