June Moodboard


Everything old is new again is an especially apt quote for fashion. Those little basket purses that are so popular this summer? They've been around for donkeys (and pre-date Jane Birkin's adaptation of them, it's an accurate vintage accessory for more decades than the 70s). Lightweight white summer dresses? There's a reason they never go out of style and come back every year since probably the Victorian Era. So here's my June (or really summer) moodboard of inspiration; a mix of vintage and modern, a lot of white with a dash of stripes and red. It all may be "nothing new" but I'm still obsessed. I'd really love it if I could look like these pictures all summer long...I'm also really sad that Kate Spade monkey basket bag sold out because I was going to snag it on sale (and the only thing I might like more than a basket bag right now is a novelty basket bag)! 


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