Put On Your Dancing Shoes

Every time I think I'll go for more simple, practical clothes I stumble across something too special to pass up...but then it also ends up being a bit "special" as in when will I ever go anywhere fancy enough to wear this? I try to remind myself that life's too short for boring clothes, so dress like this might be the last outfit you wearing! Ok maybe not the last outfit you wear, but yes, dress with what is inspiring you today--don't settle for practical when playful is sitting neglected in your closet! Aside, of course, if you're being terribly outdoorsy and then yes, I would advise different shoes than these lovely red peep-toes from Hayworths (a wee independent shop of curated classic shoes to add to your radar). I think one of my most frequently asked questions is where do you find all of your clothes? Part of the answer definitely stems from my excessive hours spent online, but part of the answer is sometimes lovely brands find me. It's sort of like putting out good energy in hopes of getting good energy back, but instead you're sending out all sorts of fashion vibes and social media likes and "pins" and then you get more fashion vibes sent back your way. Sometimes I think it's scary how well Etsy can predict what I want to spend money on! Other times when a new-to-me shop drops a friendly email and I take a browse it's just a reaction of, "oh yes, this is perfect." Not perfect for everyone, but the tailored sort of shop that has exactly what you have been yenning for--the sort of shop Hayworths is. Stocked with just the right picks for a retro-loving lady like myself! It's where you don't browse around looking to fine one thing you love, but rather you love everything and try to pick a favorite. Exactly sort of wee curated shop I'm trying to develop...


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