Walking in Wild Garlic

One of the reasons I fell in love with vintage dresses when I was younger was how unique they tended to be. I mean, the other reason was they were very cheap for the quality and I was a broke student! Vintage has really become popular though and while I used to be able to find amazing 50s dresses for around $20 online the prices nowadays more reflect the quality and history of the pieces! Still it's the quality and little details that keep me searching Etsy late at night. I'm a sucker for unique novelty patterns and quirky detailing; I found the best wool skirt with embroidered waistband last winter and one of my all-time favorite finds with a simple plaid vintage dress with asymmetrical brown buttons all the way down the front side. With a vintage dress you never know what you are going to find; clothes weren't mass-produced like they are today so many of your vintage finds have these very personal touches or extras you just don't find in today's clothes...or at least for the most part! One of the most vintage-feeling dresses that I own from a modern store is this Hamilton dress by Unique Vintage. This is not your standard modern dress with it's asymmetrical faux buttons and the contrasting stripes on the side pocket, it really has the "feel" of those special vintage dresses. I like this dress so much in fact I also have it in pink and now Unique Vintage is tempting with their black and white style of the dress and a floral version too! And that is precisely the appeal of modern reproductions of vintage pieces--available in all sizes and you might be able to get your favorite style in multiple colors...


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