Vintage Photographers: Georges Dambier

I'm picking up my erratic series on vintage fashion photographers and models. I love looking at vintage photographs, but I think it's much more interesting when you know more of the story--when you can identify the figures, designers, and people behind the lens that created that timeless image you're still admiring 50+ years later. Today's featured vintage photographer is Georges Dambier. A French photographer who worked at Elle for 20 years and is known for being one of the first fashion photographers to take models out of the studio and out into the world, shooting his subjects in exotic locations and city streets. His work mimics street photography, capturing models in motion and enjoying the moment or scene, rejecting the trend of more stoic and frozen poses that were popular at the time. His pictures almost seem to tell a moment; like stills from a film or candid moments glimpsed in passing.  


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