Gatsby On The Lawn

I'm definitely on a white dress kick, even as I type this post I'm sitting in another white dress, a little off-the-shoulder number. Both today's and Monday's dress would be fitting for brides, although ones with very different personalities. This Gatsby dress would be perfect for a 1920s themed wedding, or in my case, lounging on the lawn imagining I'm at the Jazz Age Lawn Party they have on Governor's Island every year. Most of today's 1920s looks tend to be inspired by vintage evening fashions--heavily beaded dresses and dark makeup perfect for dancing on tabletops, not as fitting for picnics--but there were of course daytime fashions in this era as well. Today's outfit is more inspired by a vintage daytime look than an evening one; I didn't quite follow the 1920s fashion dictates "to a T" (I always struggle with changing up my makeup to anything other than a cat eye!) but I did make a few sartorial choices based on vintage fashion mandates. Gloves, previously a necessary fashion accessory, were on the decline in the 1920s, but crochet or lace gloves were often worn for semi-formal summer occasions. Novelty purses came into vogue in this period with a familiar "anything goes" flapper vibe, so I felt my novelty fish purse from Modcloth wouldn't be out of place in this retro look. While tanning was becoming popular in this decade parasols were also in style and more playful than their predecessors with silk, lace, and even brightly colored paper styles making a statement at the beach or an outdoor tea party. So that's my little run-down of inspiration behind my Gatsby(lady) on the lawn look, I think this dress is so lovely since it is perfect to wear to a party or other evening occasion, but the color makes it feel so summery and light you just want to wear it out on sunny day.


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