On Greek Time

You know all those different ways we define ourselves? Introvert/extrovert, type A or type B? Loud or quiet? Well I definitely see myself as more the wound-tight type rather than the laid-back sort. I like "plans," knowing exactly what is on the agenda for the day to come and when everything is going to happen. Even on our sailing holiday I kept the little brochure of our schedule handy, checking it nightly to see where we were headed next (and yes, researching each a bit before we even left home). But being in Greece, on a boat, on holiday, definitely forced me to relax a little in probably the best way. Ask for your bill at the end of your meal and you often found yourself waiting for another twenty minutes; not ignored since your waiter will stop by a few times bringing you complimentary shots and seeing if everything is ok, but unhurried. It's the sort of holiday that says, "don't worry so much, moments are meant to be savored." Linger in your seat watching the sun dip below the water. Let your hair air-dry, your skin go make-up free, and your most complicated piece of clothing be a strappy sandal. I think I could get used to being on "Greek time" (or perhaps just holiday time) and my glittery watch even matched the crystal-clear waters. An accessory that was definitely more fashion than function on this trip!

sunglasses, gold hoopsModcloth dressrainbow slides, Ice Watch (comes in 4 colors!)
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  1. Haha, you sound like my sister, she plans everything to the T and I just go along for the ride. Lovely post, looking so care free in Greece, Rebecca!

  2. Sounds just like me; I tend to plan everything too (daily events, outfits, meals, shopping), and I have to remind myself to relax and just take a few things as they come. Most times I find having a plan quite practical (especially in daily life, balancing work with everything else), but sometimes it's lovely to just sit back and enjoy life - and that's SO much easier when you're on holiday! :) Currently relaxing in the Norwegian mountains, here.

    Love that watch! :D

  3. Your dress is so lovely, Your posts aren't showing up in Bloglovin anymore. I had to come here because I couldn't figure out why you haven't posted in so long. Just wanted to let you know.

    1. Oh! Thank you for letting me know, I will see if I can sort that out!

  4. I'm the wound-type sort too - I think most of us bloggers tend to be!

    PS. Your posts aren't showing up on Bloglovin' for me too!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  5. UGHHH I love that watch, I need it in MY LIFE. Water looks so nice there

  6. Stunning! You and the backgrounds and your looks. Greece has always been my dream and I do hope there will come a day I can live there (looks like they make special prorammes to the passport of Greece). That would be my dream come true


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