Travel: Catching the Sunset in Hydra

Oh lovely Hydra! Where do I even begin with Hydra? Far from the many-headed serpent of Greek mythology, this beautiful town was our favorite stop on our sailing holiday. Charming cobbled streets, gorgeous white-walled homes, and one of the most enchanting sunsets, viewed from the edge of town, perched on cliffs above the sea. I can see why a number of artists found inspiration here in the 60s; it has an old-world, romantic feel to it from the unnamed streets to the mules and donkeys which dot the waterfront--part tourist attraction, part function since motorized vehicles aren't allowed on the island. The stunning setting called for one of my most "glamorous" outfits that I had packed, a simple little red polka dot number with ruffles. This dress felt a lot more glamorous back home in the air conditioning comfort of my house with makeup and perfectly styled hair pre-packing than it did an hour into our exploration of Hydra with no make-up and salty hair drying in a messy bun, but hopefully it still looked fitting of the location!


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