Blue Stripes and Bare Shoulders

While in Greece I took special care not to get sunburned. I mean sunburn is bad anyway, but it's also unpleasant to get one at the start of your holiday and then suffer through the rest of your vacation feeling sore. So I was vigilant; packed my factor 50 sunscreen and applied it frequently...and I didn't get burned. Now I'm back home in the safe, cloudy island of Ireland where I thought I would be safe for one day and I got sunburned! Ha! I never would have predicted that after a week on a boat in Greece with temperatures in the 100s that I would come home to Ireland where it was only around 70 degrees and get burned! Just one of those ironies of life I suppose. These crisp shoulders are going to look charming in all those off-the-shoulder tops and dresses I'm obsessed with at the moment. I love this one I wore on holiday; breezy with a top ruffle and the cutest print of stripes and goldfish. The blue was a perfect match for so many of the charming blue doors and windows we saw throughout Greece, but perhaps especially this perfect cafe we ate lunch at one day. I had the best moussaka and about a million glasses of water as I tried to cool off after walking around in the midday sun.



  1. I really like the Dress, the print is too cute! And I also like you without Makeup!! You look so relaxed and not at all tired like me, when I don't wear Makeup!
    I must say, I'm more drawn to Ireland than Greece. Greece is just too warm for me. But the Pictures of you on irish beaches are simply stunning! The solitude, the coolness..., love it!

  2. That dress and the print are lovely!!!

    I guess that's karma being like, nope, you can't beat me :P

  3. Rebecca, may I just say how much I love your makeup-less face!
    Don't get me wrong, your makeup is awesome too. But your bare face is exceptionally gorgeous!
    I think your pale skin with the blue dress blends really well with the blue-and-white colour scheme of Greece, really beautiful!

    Alive as Always

  4. Oh I love that dress! Such beautiful photography on this post :) x

  5. It looks so lovely there, I love that orange cat

  6. I love your photos and these are no exception!

    How do you find the fit of the dress? I ordered one because it looks lovely and light on you (and summer heat is doing me in!) but I'm a bit iffy with the sizing. I ordered in L because I never bother with smaller sizes in Chinese manufactured clothes, they always come up far too small! Do you find it fits in the size you would normally order or did you go up a size?

    1. Yes I usually go a size up when I shop from Romwe; I'm usually an xs and this is a small. However for this piece I think you could probably go your usually size b/c the fabric is stretchy and it would probably work in the usual size, but small is fine too.


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