Blue Stripes and Bare Shoulders

While in Greece I took special care not to get sunburned. I mean sunburn is bad anyway, but it's also unpleasant to get one at the start of your holiday and then suffer through the rest of your vacation feeling sore. So I was vigilant; packed my factor 50 sunscreen and applied it frequently...and I didn't get burned. Now I'm back home in the safe, cloudy island of Ireland where I thought I would be safe for one day and I got sunburned! Ha! I never would have predicted that after a week on a boat in Greece with temperatures in the 100s that I would come home to Ireland where it was only around 70 degrees and get burned! Just one of those ironies of life I suppose. These crisp shoulders are going to look charming in all those off-the-shoulder tops and dresses I'm obsessed with at the moment. I love this one I wore on holiday; breezy with a top ruffle and the cutest print of stripes and goldfish. The blue was a perfect match for so many of the charming blue doors and windows we saw throughout Greece, but perhaps especially this perfect cafe we ate lunch at one day. I had the best moussaka and about a million glasses of water as I tried to cool off after walking around in the midday sun.


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