The Ship Has Sailed

It always feels like the holiday is truly over when you post the last of your vacation snaps! I don't feel quite ready to finish talking about and looking at Greece pictures; it's almost as if I can hold on to that sunshine and relaxed feeling through the pictures for a few more days (or weeks)...Of course home isn't so bad and while a week on yacht in the sea is heavenly, I'm sure the charm of your tiny cabin would wear off eventually and the usual longings for home and a normal bed would catch up with you! So, we have left Greece and our MedSailors crew without the typical post-holiday tan, but with a few bug bites, souvenirs, and a score of memories. This Greek trip might be over, but I highly doubt it will be our last sailing holiday. We were beyond charmed by our visit to Croatia last year, also with MedSailors, and Greece has only whet our appetite for more islands and yachts! It's such a unique way to travel and see a country that I can't recommend more. MedSailors just listed some additional holiday bookings for September and October in Italy and I'm so tempted to try to book a second holiday (as unrealistic as it would be for us)! Summer forever! Honestly though as unlikely as an autumn sailing trip would be for us, I'm seriously looking at the MedSailors routes we haven't done yet for next summer. You get to see so much more of a country than going to one location, but also all of the work/hassle of traveling around independently is taken out of the trip. Instead of lugging your belongings from one ferry to the next to hop the Greek islands, booking a different hotel or Airbnb every night, you get to leave all of your things on your yacht and be skippered around everywhere with stops for swims and freshly-made meals. It takes a lot of the guesswork and pain out of traveling while still letting you travel and explore and see loads. We'll go on non-sailing holidays in the future, but for one week most summers, I'd definitely like to try to sneak some sailing in!
Speaking of packing for sailing--this little mini dress was something I picked up specifically for my holiday. It's not the most practical for the weather back home, but I love the breezy style and big embroidered sleeves--lightweight enough to keep me cool in the heat, but good coverage to protect my arms and shoulders from the sun where I'm most prone to burn. Of course the first day I wore it I spilled some balsamic vinegar on the front of it before I even had a chance to leave the boat! The stain washed out (mostly!) so I'll probably be wearing this on more beach days in the future. This specific color sold out at the shop I got it from, but I hunted down several similar dresses in different colors but the same style to link to. I mean, the white version of this dress is also so gorgeous, although probably even more dangerous to wear around potentially staining foods!


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