Apples & Eyelet

It might be too early in the season for apple-picking, but it's not too early in the season for apple-orchard-strolling; in fact it feels like we're hitting the peak of that particular season. We've spent many a golden evening lately walking around the orchards with Jack nipping at our heels watching the sunset from the top hill and enjoying that sweet fresh scent. The apples are already so big it's wild to think they have another month of growing being picking does start; already the branches are heavy with Bramleys larger than your fist and every day we are inching closer to what has become my favorite season. When I lived stateside I always got annoyed with people who started pushing fall wardrobes and "pre-fall" trends in August. Because where I usually lived August was swelteringly hot and September wasn't too different so fall clothes wouldn't come into play until October. (And also "pre-fall" is such a made up thing, like all of summer is pre-fall???) However, here I'm already mixing in my autumn wardrobe on the grey days--overalls and knit tops, a beret here and there perfect for a cozy head and hiding a bad hair day. I've even started packing up summer stuff and sandals that I know won't get much wear in the next few weeks. So yeah, as much as I hate myself I feel like I'm jumping on that pre-fall and fall wardrobe bandwagon. I've been doodling pumpkins, trying to figure out where I stashed my scarves, and generally trying to make autumn happen a little bit sooner this year...   


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