August Is Golden

I feel that what we surround ourselves with is what we eventually start to become. There's a similar quote out there that focuses on the "who" we surround ourselves with and how we become more like those we are around--and it makes sense. If you are around positive, kind people all day you will be a more positive and kind person, but if you are around bitter and angry people that will also affect your mood and general disposition. However, I also think we become like our literal surroundings; the things that influence us aren't just other people but also the books we consume, the places we choose to live, etc. I felt a style shift when I moved from the States to Ireland, I feel more drawn to natural materials and muted colors, things that blend in better with the countryside where I live. But also I feel the immediate effect of inspiration when I read a new book or watch a stylish movie--it changes my styling from something minimal to something more character driven. Today I felt a bit like a scholar setting out to make a discovery or study some new landscape; all of the accessories are staples for me but combined they gave a mood that felt inspired by my novel. This is also how I first started experimenting with style. I remember watching a Brigitte Bardot movie and the next day assembling pieces from my closet to try to emulate her look; I even stitched up a thick headband and winged my eyeliner for the first time to try to get her "look." It felt more comfortable trying to be a character for a day than just trying one element of that style out with my more usual, mundane style. I highly recommend that if you're similarly self-conscious or not sure where to start with experimenting with your personal style--try to dress like a character you like for a day. Maybe choose a weekend when you won't bump into a lot of your friends or a day you have planned to go somewhere fun and new--take a new version of yourself there and see what parts you want to bring back home. For me the Bardot pencil skirts never stuck around, but the winged eyeliner never went away...


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