Style Staples: Gold Hair Accessories

I often get asked what my staple items are in my wardrobe, or what pieces I would recommend for building a wardrobe and those types of questions always leave me stumped! I'm not actually too sure what my staple items are and wouldn't know where to begin for recommendations! But I'm making an effort lately to identify exactly what my current staples are--and I hope to make a post about my autumn essentials sometime soon by featuring the items I repeat every year. One of the first things that I thought of as a staple for me is hair accessories. I'm a big sucker for berets and boater hats, but even aside from hats I really enjoy adding a final detail to my "look" in the form of a hair accessory. And from minimal and petite pieces to oversized and ornate ones, I'm a sucker for gold. I go for silver ones every once in awhile to "mix things up" but inevitably the silver hair pins barely get worn and the gold ones end up in heavy rotation. Still, if you're more of a silver (or brass or rose gold) lady, then many of the ones I'm featuring here do come in those versions as well (and I actually own all of the ones I've linked to above except the knot clip which I covet...). To me, there's just something about adding some hair accessory to an outfit that makes everything feel complete and a bit more "me." It's small, interesting accessories (like a crescent moon hair fork) that take a basic top and jean combination and make it feel like an expression of personal style.


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