An Autumn Floral

I can hear the siren's call of autumn stirring in the evening breeze; a quiet, yet persistent sound echoed in the ivy leaves starting to turn red...Our days of cozy clothes and quiet evenings indoors aren't far away, especially if you happen to live in a climate like my own where summer is always too fleeting. It's already brisk enough most days here for a cozy sweater and boots, although I've been avoiding fully sartorially succumbing to the new chill in the air. Instead of tights and booties, I've made a concession to the shift by mixing more autumn colors and accessories into my outfits and this floral dress by Trashy Diva is a perfect piece for transitioning. Trashy Diva always makes some of my favorite dresses; I started buying their pieces while I was a college student and I still have them now--timeless cuts in unique prints that will always be staples in my wardrobe. A pretty floral print like this one still nods to summer, but in a color palette that is made for fall dressing. Switch out the sandal clogs for my favorite pair of brown heeled oxfords paired with jewel-toned tights and a fitted tweed jacket and you're ready for walking over crunchy brown leaves (don't you love the sound of dried leaves underfoot in autumn?). For now this was a perfect weekend outfit while we spent a night away at our favorite cottage in the Mournes (more on that later). I love getting away even if it's only for a night or two to this region; there's a lot of beauty in this area to explore and the cottage itself is always a delight to come back to in the evenings. With no phone reception or wifi it makes for the perfect relaxing time with a good book and crackling fire.



  1. I usually only wear florals for spring and summer, but hey, it totally works for autumn too! I also recently got a pair of glasses similar to yours and have been wondering how to style them with a outfit. Thank you for the inspo!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Where are the lapel pin, and earrings from? They are both very cute.

    1. Thank you, the brooch is vintage and the earrings are from Baublebar.

  3. beautiful blog! i love your bag! kisses from italy!

  4. Your description of jewel-toned tights and crunchy leaves has me yearning for autumn and everything involved: a new winter coat, ankle boots, fireworks and Halloween. Bring it on.

  5. Such gorgeous golden floral-ness - and perfect for the late summer/pre-autumn colours and feelings. Your glasses look so lovely in these photos too. Kx

  6. Your dress is so cute, I love it with the yellow cardigan


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