Emily & Fin Pyjama Party

Every so often we all need a good old-fashion "laze about in bed" day, no? The other weekend we had the blog equivalent of that; a "pretend to laze about in bed" afternoon whilst snapping a few sets of Emily & Fin pyjamas for the ol' blog. Once the pictures were done though it was nice to actually be in my pjs with book and mug in hand enjoying that evening sunlight at the sweetest little cottage in the Mourne mountains with nowhere to go and nothing especial to do. We make our way to this little cottage a couple of times a year for a little staycation; the cottage is always equipped for a roaring fire and has no wifi or cell reception so relaxing comes naturally there. I think those are some of the essentials of getting true relaxation--unplug, get cozy (preferably in cute printed pj sets), and if possible light a fire (if not possible substitute fire with candle--Woodwick ones even have a lovely crackling sound that mimics a fire). Also happy to say that I polished off my August reading list with no bother, plus two additional novels, and I'm eagerly been gathering a few more books for my September list. There's also a book fair at a manor house near me in September so I might find something there as well. I've never really kept a record of what I've read before, so I'm looking forward to sharing my list each month and having something to look back on in a year's time. I feel so much more balanced as a person when I'm reading a book; it's funny how you can unintentionally stray away from things you love so much...
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