An Unfortunate Orchard Walk

Whenever I get dressed for the day I try a few variations of an outfit on in front of my mirror to see what works best. I tend to start with a specific piece (for today's outfit it was the dungaree/pinafore dress) and work around that. So I started with my dress, it's a bit of a loose fit so I tried it with a cozy sweater and tights, it looked cute but I thought it was maybe a bit too much for the beginning of September--children are barely back in school, people are still saying its summer out there. So, I switched that out for a printed turtleneck and tall socks, again I liked the look but it still seemed a bit much when it looked quite nice out my window, so switched again for this look--a sheer lace blouse and bare legs with some summery oxfords...mistake! I was already out of the house and a good distance away when I realized it wasn't as warm as I thought; a sweater and tights would have been fine without any danger of overheating. I think I might start carrying a back up pair of tights in my handbag just in case I end up dressing for the temperature I think we should have rather than the one we do have. I got even more chilly when it started to rain and had to shrink underneath one of these apple trees until the storm cloud passed! Still, I soldiered on--I do love being in the apple orchards this time of year; it's hard to describe how lovely it is and how heavenly they smell. I've been re-reading the Anne of Green Gables books (I barely finished Green Gables before flying through Avonlea) and one of my favorite characteristics of Anne has to be her appreciation of nature and seasons. It makes me feel less silly (or perhaps less alone in being silly) in getting such delight in the shifting seasons and changing trees. L. M. Montgomery's descriptions of nature are without compare. 
old blouse, Miss Patina dungaree dress, vintage necklace, old oxfords (similar), old tote bag

old blouse, Miss Patina dungaree dress, vintage necklace, old oxfords (similar), old tote bag


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