Is It Autumn?

The American in me is always reluctant to call it autumn (or really, Fall) until the end of September. "Acting" like it's fall at the beginning of the month always seemed a bit ridiculous stateside when it was boiling hot and there was no noticeable change from August to September, but I've found that here people are calling it autumn. I usually say it with a bit of a disclaimer, "I know it's not autumn, but like, have you felt the temperature?!" But others just call it autumn and it has thrown me for a loop...could it possibly BE autumn, as in officially and we are allowed to say that? Which lead me to realize there are two main schools of thought on the subject of seasons. Most Americans seem to follow the Autumn Equinox which this years has the start of autumn slated for September 22nd. So until the 22nd it isn't autumn. However, meteorologists use a different calendar that divides the year into four equal seasons and according to that school of thought autumn starts on September 1st. So those saying that it is autumn now are actually correct in a different way and I think the second school of thought holds more favor in my current region--which makes sense. For farmers here the crops are ready to be harvested and their schedules are more determined by weather and temperatures than hours of daylight or darkness. Whichever school of thought you subscribe to, it definitely feels like fall to me lately--even if I haven't completely stuck to my plan of carrying a spare pair of tights in my bag! I did have a cardigan with this outfit that somehow didn't make its way into the pictures (as is so often the case of my outerwear come autumn and winter), but who can wear a cardigan when you have such a lovely detail on the back of your dress? I think back details are Apricity's speciality since one of my first dresses has a pretty bow back detail.


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