Is It Autumn?

The American in me is always reluctant to call it autumn (or really, Fall) until the end of September. "Acting" like it's fall at the beginning of the month always seemed a bit ridiculous stateside when it was boiling hot and there was no noticeable change from August to September, but I've found that here people are calling it autumn. I usually say it with a bit of a disclaimer, "I know it's not autumn, but like, have you felt the temperature?!" But others just call it autumn and it has thrown me for a loop...could it possibly BE autumn, as in officially and we are allowed to say that? Which lead me to realize there are two main schools of thought on the subject of seasons. Most Americans seem to follow the Autumn Equinox which this years has the start of autumn slated for September 22nd. So until the 22nd it isn't autumn. However, meteorologists use a different calendar that divides the year into four equal seasons and according to that school of thought autumn starts on September 1st. So those saying that it is autumn now are actually correct in a different way and I think the second school of thought holds more favor in my current region--which makes sense. For farmers here the crops are ready to be harvested and their schedules are more determined by weather and temperatures than hours of daylight or darkness. Whichever school of thought you subscribe to, it definitely feels like fall to me lately--even if I haven't completely stuck to my plan of carrying a spare pair of tights in my bag! I did have a cardigan with this outfit that somehow didn't make its way into the pictures (as is so often the case of my outerwear come autumn and winter), but who can wear a cardigan when you have such a lovely detail on the back of your dress? I think back details are Apricity's speciality since one of my first dresses has a pretty bow back detail.



  1. It feels like fall where I am in Korea, where the weather is cooler! But then again I'm on vacation - once I return to Hong Kong's blazing heat, it'll just be summer until mid-December. Enjoy your fall fashion - some of us won't get to until the end of 2017, haha!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Gorgeous!I love the dress!Autumn is my favorite season by far. Where I live, it is always broiling until the early part of October even though the leaves have turned,so the line between summer and autumn tends to become a bit blurred. Following your last post about your book list, I highly recommend the Woman in White by Wilkie Collins.

    1. Hi Bee, Thank you for the book recommendation! I'm compiling a list of recommendations and hopefully will get to that one in a reasonable length of time! :p
      And I don't think I would mind a warm autumn--pretty colors and a chance to dress lightly?! But I do love autumn clothes...

  3. Definately fall here in Norway by now! Leaves are turning yellow and it's been raining for a week;) Love it though, good reason to stay indoors and make fruit pies:)

    Love your dress, I can imagine it looking awesome with a white shirt underneath during winter, too!

  4. Always dying over your vintage looking posts! Looks like you're totally ready for fall beautiful!

    xx, mel

  5. your dress is so pretty, I love the back detail

  6. You might be interested to know there's also another answer to this here in Ireland! In school I learned that Spring begins February 1st, Summer begins May 1st, Autumn begins August 1st, and Winter November 1st. The reason for this is that the Celtic calendar centres around astronomy. The Irish (Gaeilge) for September is Meán Fómhair meaning Middle autumn or literally Middle Harvest. This also puts Midsummer/ the summer solstice in the middle of summer and the winter solstice in the middle of winter.

    I didn't even realise that there was another way to define the seasons until recently but I see the sense of the meteorological definition too. I have to admit I'm eager to talk about the arrival of Spring in February but reluctant to talk about Autumn until the children start to go back to school and the leaves begin to turn on the trees, just because I always want to eke an extra few days out of summer!

    Beautiful dress. It's funny to hear you talk about being tights and cardigans because being in Ireland too, I often look at your outfits and wonder how you aren't freezing! 😆

    1. Ok yes, I am 100% fascinated by that! I have never heard of that calendar before but it makes sense as well. Very, very interesting. But yes, the summer is already so short here I don't really want it to end in August!
      And yeah lol, I'm often cold. In some ways my legs don't get as cold b/c I did used to go through really harsh snowy winters in tights, but I definitely could dress warmer and not feel a bit chilly all the time. I do find I keep my house a lot warmer than the average person here though and I really like to dress lightly indoors and then just grab a sweater or coat as I head out.

  7. My autumn has begun with the pumpkin soup today ♥

  8. I absolutely LOVE this dress! I have it in the DOVE shade, and it has been an absolute "go to" this past month!... That's really interesting about the two different calendars being used to determine when Autumn starts! Autumn has always been a favorite season of mine, and so when September hits I always want to start wearing my sweaters and fun colored tights. However, when I walk out into the brutally hot temperatures of Ohio in the beginning of September/end of August I find myself in some sweaty situations to say the least, lol!


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