Picking Plums

Last year was my first time eating fresh plums, picked straight off the branch on the farm. I didn't know how much I liked plums until then and now I look forward to the brief "plum season" on the farm with great eagerness. In the weeks leading up to September I was constantly asking Thomas if the plums were ripe yet, or checking the trees myself so I wouldn't miss an opportunity to go picking. Now that they are in season I borrowed a basket and plundered the trees to my heart's content! In no time at all we picked enough plums to keep us happy in fresh nibbles and plum pastry for a couple of weeks. Too soon they'll be gone and it will be a whole year before we get to enjoy this tasty treat again. This year we're also hunting down the more elusive hedgerow damsons. Even without a farm to pick, it's the harvest season for a variety of wild fruits like blackberries, crab apples, and damsons. We're learning to make homemade jellies this year--so far our crab apple jelly (made with wild red crab apples with pink flesh that made the loveliest pink-y jelly) was quite successful. Damson jam or jelly is Thomas's next goal since that is his favorite jelly, so I have my fingers crossed that will turn out as nicely as our crab apple jelly did!  
The Other Sparrows beret, Miss Patina blouse, old skirt (similar herehere), tights, old shoes

The Other Sparrows beret, Miss Patina blouse, old skirt (similar here & here), tights, old shoes



  1. I love the way you edited these photos. And, you look so stunning smiling with your teeth!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. I love the outfit! The colors blend beautifully, altogether a wonderful combination. I love plums; they make a wonderful compote or preserve to serve with vanilla icecream or to put inside a crisp.

  3. The species name and genus of an organism should always be in italics.

    1. Thank you for letting me know! Someone also did tell me this on IG, but I already made this graphic (and another one) before knowing that it and I've have to start over from scratch to fix them. I should've asked before I started! Lol I'll definitely work to remember that for my next graphics though and I will try to re-do this one once I have some free time.

  4. Your blouse is so adorable, I love it with that skirt

  5. These are especially lovely photos of you! The second photo (where you're looking straight at the camera) is my favorite. The colors are so vibrant!

  6. Hi, Rebecca! I just found your blog through Pinterest, and I absolutely love it! It is the most beautiful fashion blog I have seen. Everything is just...so right. I plan to start my own blog soon, but all is not set up yet:). Btw, you can make so artistic photos of yourself without a photographer, that is really impressive. Any advice for that? My sister can't always travel with me...


    1. Yep, you can find my photo tips here: http://www.aclotheshorse.co.uk/search/label/photo%20tip%20tuesday


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