Apple Season

One of the most striking apples on the farm is the Katy apple. They're so bright red and shiny that they seem fake; like a tree from a film set even though you know you found them from climbing over two gates and walking down a very wet, grassy path. Thomas's dad doesn't plant all of his Katy trees in a row, but rather mixes them in amongst the Bramleys, so you walk by tree after tree of green apples until you almost seem to stumble upon this mirage of vivid red. They're the first ones picked on the farm so we always have to be quick to get pictures of them once they're ripe--this tree was picked the day after we took these pictures! It was tricky enough capturing the Katys since our first few attempts ended with us huddled under the branches as it bucketed down rain and we knew we didn't have many days to snap them before they would be off the branches and piled high in crates! It's been quite the wet September over here, but we've still been making the most of it. There's too much to see around the farm to let a few rain clouds keep you trapped inside all day...


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