Style Staples: Saddle Bags

As much as I love a good novelty bag it's actually a very classic style bag that I come back to again and again--the saddle bag. The name comes from the original purpose of these bags; they were literally bags that were attached to the saddles of horses. Today's saddle bags are a far cry from their more utilitarian forerunners but there's still something a little rustic or outdoorsy about a saddle bag. It's an everyday purse, but it doesn't look out of place somewhere rural or woodsy compared to other more prim handbags...perhaps that is part of the draw for me. I always have at least one in my closet, although I haven't always invested in high quality ones. After my last few saddle bags came to an early demise from gentle use I decided to invest in something a little bit nicer. Enter my Sancia saddle bag; it's a really dreamy piece with great details--braided edging, quirky top handle, not to mention the spike "tooth" closure that makes me feel like some sort of Indiana Jones-style explorer. Of course, one person's investment is another person's "cheap buy" since I read a review of the bag saying it was really good quality considering how cheap it was--costing far less than this reviewer usually spent on their handbags. Quite a different experience for me, since with a price tag over £300, it's easily the most expensive handbag in my closet! Whether you're looking for an investment piece (lol) or a steal, I've linked to a few of my favorite styles above.  


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