Fall Casual

While I really like the way I feel in a vintage dress or at least more pulled together ensemble with fox print blouse and coordinating skirt sometimes you simply can't beat the ease of a good sweater and jeans. I definitely don't spend all my days in skirts! In fall especially it's just so easy to throw on a trusty pair of jeans, brogues, and classic sweater. But I am a bit picky about my sweaters; I like traditional looking designs that mimic some of my favorite vintage finds. Year after year I find myself more dedicated to vintage-inspired, if not actual vintage pieces. While others sometimes find their "timeless" or "investment" pieces in minimal, sleek designs I find my lasting pieces in the classic. For sweaters (or jumpers, as my husband would say) fair isle inspired designs are some of my favorites. I probably have a half dozen fair isle style sweaters, although only one vintage piece made in the traditional weaving technique. This latest one Modcloth sent me comes in one of my favorite color combinations and will definitely be worn often this autumn and the next! Like my old, very worn jeans, much-abused brogues, and cozy blanket scarf (which I've been using quite a bit as an actual blanket this year) it's a new classic I plan to wear again and again.



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