Moodboard: Starry Eyed

starfull1 starcollage
starry eyed
Sasha Samuel necklace, Realisation Par dress (more star print clothes), Kitsch hair comb, star earrings, Sam Edelman bag, Sam Edelman heels
This moodboard is probably better suited for December when Christmas parties and New Years Eve are on the mind along with all the fun party dresses and glitter those occasions call for, but I also try to let my moodboards develop organically and right now I clearly have stars on the mind. I'm always drawn to a classic star print or embellished piece but lately I'm really hunting for some perfect starry pieces--maybe one day I'll have a star clothing collection to rival my fox one! This Realisation Par dress is one of the most perfect printed pieces I've seen, but I'm also loving some on theme accessories right now, like an embellished pair of heels or maybe a vintage star brooch...To me the key to building a collection of clothes around a theme (be it foxes, bees, or stars) is to be thoughtful as you add to it and grow it steadily over time. You want to invest in pieces you will wear year after year rather than impulse purchases that feel good in the moment but seem dated in a season or two.


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