Pumpkin Everything

I've been looking forward to all my favorite autumn activities--picking pumpkins, making soup, leaf peeping, and conker playing--but I've also been burning the candle at both ends as the saying goes, so it's been more laying in bed with my soup while watching re-runs of old favorites these days than indulging in all my favorite activities. Still after a few days in bed I made an effort one afternoon this past week to run a brush through my hair, switch out the pajamas, and visit our local pumpkin patch with my new pumpkin purse in tow! The only thing better than carrying around an actual pumpkin all October long is carrying the felt version of one, which filled to the brim with essentials rather than seeds is much lighter than the real thing! Not that I didn't walk away without a literal pumpkin as well, although nothing to rival the monster of a pumpkin Thomas picked out for himself.



  1. I absolutely adore your style, I love the way the pumpkin blouse just peeks out over the thick, chunky cardigan!

    Sara - Flemingo

  2. Oh Rebecca, your blog always makes me so happy. I actually chuckled out loud with this one. I don't know where you find all your "themed" clothes---the "pumpkin" blouse, the "pumpkin" purse. I had to take a second look at the "purse" in the field. And you are as beautiful as ever. I hope you and Thomas have a happy pumpkin season, and I hope you are not getting too much wind and rain from the end of the hurricane that is supposed to hit Northern Ireland.

    1. It's an unintentional talent finding theme pieces! It's actually one of the first things I search for when I'm looking at a shop online--I do a quick keyword search for favorites (pumpkins and foxes in obvious repeat!). And thank you, Pat you're too kind. We're certainly enjoying the season and Ophelia hasn't been too bad here. We lost power for a few hours, but the farmhouse didn't so we got to hang out there this evening :)

  3. your blouse is so cute, love the pumpkin print

  4. This is the cutest photoshoot ever! I love the pumpkin purse and pumpkin top! We need to go to a pumpkin patch soon; it might get too soggy if we wait any longer. I hope you share what you do with your pumpkins! We need to carve one to guard our porch.

  5. Stunning photographs! I love your cardigan and beret ✨


  6. Adorable.. the photo's look great and I an loving your blouse and bag. Too cute!

  7. Super cute. Love the green beret against your red tresses.


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