Pumpkin Everything

I've been looking forward to all my favorite autumn activities--picking pumpkins, making soup, leaf peeping, and conker playing--but I've also been burning the candle at both ends as the saying goes, so it's been more laying in bed with my soup while watching re-runs of old favorites these days than indulging in all my favorite activities. Still after a few days in bed I made an effort one afternoon this past week to run a brush through my hair, switch out the pajamas, and visit our local pumpkin patch with my new pumpkin purse in tow! The only thing better than carrying around an actual pumpkin all October long is carrying the felt version of one, which filled to the brim with essentials rather than seeds is much lighter than the real thing! Not that I didn't walk away without a literal pumpkin as well, although nothing to rival the monster of a pumpkin Thomas picked out for himself.


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