Remix: Cream Lace Blouse

While far from a minimalist when it comes to style, my wardrobe is not exhaustive--I wouldn't be able to fit an insanely large wardrobe into my home! Instead I try to routinely weed out pieces that aren't getting worn and fully embrace the ones that do get a lot of wear. Growing up I had an even smaller closet; we would do back-to-school shopping at the mall one afternoon once a year and depend on those key pieces for getting us through the whole year. Obviously it meant clothes were repeated quite often, something some of my peers used to tease me about in high school. Ironically now I see frequent repeats as a sign of good quality and worthwhile investment. For example this blouse (originally by Miss Patina, but no longer in stores since I first acquired it nearly three years ago) is one of my best pieces; the lightweight, sheer lace works well with spring and summer outfits, but I get even more wear out of it in autumn and winter as a perfect basic and layering piece. It looks lovely under pinafore dresses or peeking out from a cozy coat. To me the best wardrobes aren't necessarily the largest, but the ones filled with much-loved pieces, like this one, that get worn and re-worn until they fall to pieces.


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