The Great Pumpkin Is Coming

No lie, I have been wearing this sweatshirt since the start of September! I got a few odd looks for the top so early into fall, although some of that might have been due to the fact that Charlie Brown doesn't seem as popular in Ireland as it is in the States. You can't keep a fall-loving blogger down though, nor was I willing to stop wearing such a perfectly cozy and cute sweatshirt in our brisk weather for any reason. Now that it is finally October I finally took the now-seasonally appropriate top to the perfect location for it--a pumpkin patch! I'm ready to hang out in the patch with Linus all month long waiting for the Great Pumpkin to arrive. My sister helped me snap these pictures at a local farm while I was visiting her and now I'm really excited to get home and visit our own local pumpkin patch. As fun as it is admiring all the endless varieties of gourds at little farm stands and trawling through pick-your-own pumpkin fields stateside, there was no way I was going to be able to smuggle a pumpkin home in my suitcase! Now that I'm home though I can find all my favorite autumn decorations locally and start filling my home with every possible sign of the season...

petite girl vs pumpkin



  1. The pumpkin patch looks like heaven! It's something I only get to see in pictures or in movies - wish there was one in Hong Kong.

    I love your hair too. You're the only one who can still rock twin braids and look cute!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Every Fall, I can't wait to watch the Charlie Brown Halloween episode! It's my second favorite, next to the Christmas one. I love that your hair is nearly the same color as the pumpkins! In one of the photos, it looks like the pumpkin has two braids sticking out! You're whole outfit is so cute :)
    ~ Megan Joy

  3. I love that sweatshirt so much! Great pictures!

  4. I literally need to go and visit a pumpkin patch now haha

    xx, mel

  5. Oooooooooh, these pictures make me so excited for fall! We just moved to Budapest from America and I haven't been able to find any pumpkins ANYWHERE so I'm living vicariously through this post! ��

    // Samantha

  6. Beautiful photos Rebecca, as always! I love your hair like this too!

    Sara - Flemingo

  7. Your sweatshirt is so cute, I love the lighting in these photos

  8. "petite girl vs pumpkin" -- This speaks to my soul.


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