Raspberry Picking in Indiana

While my blog has definitely blossomed from its humble start (10 years ago!), I still sort of think of it as quite "small town" in a way. Perhaps because I'm still living in a small town, albeit one an ocean away from where I began! But I like do most things myself around, I went from taking pictures exclusively with the self-timer to finally upgrading to a camera remote with the occasional help from a friend or family member. It's a dynamic I still cling to, so while another blogger might ask if there are any photographers who would enjoy collaborating when they traveled for a length of time to a different city, I asked my sister to help me. My sister gamely agreed and suggested we could go raspberry picking, bringing her kids along to let them run up and down the rows of berries. It was idyllic; the sun was shining, we had the raspberry patch to ourselves, bees were humming...and the wee ones were running around like banshees occasionally in front of the camera with a bucket over their heads! I kid, mostly, they were actually quite well behaved, but we did snap a few hilarious pictures of silly children in between my shoot. It all made for some memorable raspberry picking. This outfit was perfect for the warm, late autumn Indiana is experiencing. I was very relieved when I arrived at my sister's house to find a package was waiting for me with this lovely peter pan collar top and perfect buttery skirt inside. I packed quite poorly for my visit, taking my cues from the brisk Irish days and bringing far too many sweaters that barely got worn. After a few days of sweltering in too-warm clothes, this breezy outfit was a refreshing change! Even better the clothes designed by Jessica Rey are all ethically made and she also has an eco-friendly swimsuit line (Rey Swimwear)! Definitely a shop to check out if you're a fan of classic clothes and shopping consciously. Everything is beautifully made; the top is fully line so you need never worry about a matching camisole and the skirt has the loveliest details--like floral print lined pockets.


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