Blue & Gold By The Birch Trees

My October reading list got a bit away from me last month, so I'm carrying a few of those books over to this month and not making a new reading list right now. If I end up reading them in good time I'll try to squeeze in some new novels, but I'm trying to be realistic with my goals on what to do and read each month. I have a new project happening behind the scenes and that has stolen most of my free time usually devoted to autumn walks and good books! Although I'm still getting out a bit for a wander in the woods when I can. Anyway, November is pretty much just as spooky (if not more so!) as October, so there's still a good, moody atmosphere to enjoy my Frankenstein in...even if the birch trees in these pictures create the opposite sort of environment with their cheery leaves! This is one of my favorite little patches every autumn; the bright yellow leaves are so striking in this area even this year despite our wind and rain which has knocked a good number down of them down. I'm not looking forward to the end of this pretty season...
P.S. This dress is pretty old, this is my third autumn wearing it, but it's still available for sale from Family Affairs and less than $100!


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