Autumn At Parkanaur

We headed out to one of my favorite forest parks--Parkanaur--for these pictures (it's also a manor house and has a white deer herd). I had intended to shoot in an area of evergreens; I thought they'd be a nice contrast to the plaid dress and change from the all the autumn colors I've been featuring lately...but then we saw this lovely path of color and couldn't resist deviating from the original concept. I, for one, am not tired of the lovely fall colors yet. I know too soon the woods will be dark and dead; nothing but bare branches, the carpet of autumn leaves replaced by muddy trails. Of course, the lovely color meant we weren't the only ones lured to this spot--we were passed by many a smiling walker with dog in tow. I was a little afraid of being jumped on by an unleashed Great Dane aptly named Thor who wasn't responding too promptly to command...just one of the many hazards of "fashion blogging" in the woods. City bloggers might fear the odd pedestrian wandering into their shot, but how often are they in danger of being jumped on by dogs off the lead? I did escape unscathed on this day and wouldn't trade these lovely golden trees anything.   tigalilyplaid-17tigalilyplaid-19
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  1. You are too pretty, I love your style!
    Kiss From France! Charlotte

  2. Such a beautiful autumnal look!
    xx Nicki

  3. Oh my, these colours are just so beautiful! Also love the idea of a Great Dane named Thor. What a perfect name!

  4. It looks so nice! Loving the autumnal colours xox

  5. Wow! The pictures are amazing and I love your outfit! It literally screams fall!
    xx, Jeany from

  6. Your dress is adorable, I love the plaid

  7. I've tried to look into Tiga Lilly dresses, and all of the websites seem to be down! Does Tiga Lilly exist any more? :(

    1. Yes, it seems like they have closed shop. It happens with too many of the small brands I wear. :/


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