Should I Update My Makeup Routine?

Lately I've been bored with my beauty routine. I mean I've basically been doing the same makeup routine for what, 9 years now? I switch up my blush or eyeliner brand every now and then, but essentially it's the same look every day. The handy part is I can put on my makeup in no time at all. And while I still like this look, sometimes I wonder what another look might be like...bolder brows (I literally do nothing to them right now)? Or an attempt at contouring? Can you even contour when you're ridiculously pale? The thing for me is I never even started wearing makeup until I was in college and by then I already felt like it was a bit late for experimentation; I was trying to learn how to apply foundation evenly and not stick myself in the eye with my mascara wand while I felt like many of my classmates looked like glamour queens in comparison! So once I got the knack of eyeliner and blush I never really looked back other than playing with the occasional lip color (mostly red though) or bit of glitter; it was just easier to keep repeating something that made me feel good than to try a lot of different looks when I had no idea what I was doing! I still struggle with a smoky eye! Anyway, maybe it's time to try something new...or maybe I'm just bored because it's been awhile since I dyed my hair a weird color or chopped it all off!
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