You know winter's almost here when I pull out these boots. They're my favorite cozy pair to wear in the late autumn and winter. They're a full shoe size too big for me so I can wear the thickest (or even double up) socks with them and keep my toes nice and toasty. I found them at a flea market shortly before I moved to Northern Ireland. Most of my belongings were in boxes at that point and I only went to the flea market to hangout with friends, not to shop since adding to my bursting collection of clothes to move across the ocean was inadvisable. But I saw these boots and even though they weren't the right size I didn't know how to walk away from them. I texted Thomas a picture of the boots, trying to get feedback--something to sway me one way or the other while I paced around the other stalls in the flea market trying to forget "the boots." He didn't immediately text back. So I was left trying to decide for myself; attempting to be sensible and not spend on unnecessary clothes (everyone knows I have enough of those!), but also so tempted by what seemed a perfect pair and style. Something I could potentially wear again and again. Just before leaving the market I swooped back over and bought the boots, even bargaining a few dollars off them (she didn't know how badly I wanted them!). No regrets. If value was measured by the amount of wears then these shoes have been worth their weight in gold. A perfect finishing touch on a slightly feminine take on the lumberjack look. It is the season for flannels and plaid...I think I need a few more of both of those in my closet!
flannel-7 flannel-18
old coat, Romwe flannel top, fox scarf, Alex Monroe jewelry, old skirt, vintage boots
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old coat, Romwe flannel top, fox scarf, Alex Monroe jewelry, old skirt, vintage boots



  1. I love the flannel top on you. It's different from what you usually wear, but still super cute!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Those boots are great! I’ve seen them a lot on your blog and on instagram, and I want a similar pair so badly. Maybe I’ll find something similar at a flea market one day, too;)

  3. Ah, yes. That moment of decision at the flee market. I've stood motionless in question way too many times. A few months ago, I came across these little antique trinkets that were absolutely adorable. They were way over priced so I ended up not getting them, and I still regret it.
    I love the plaid shirt! So warm and perfect for fall/winter! Your outfits and photos always inspire and encourage me. So thank you. :)
    ~ Megan Joy

  4. Wow, the pictures are amazing and I'm so in love with your cute outfit!
    xx, Jeany from

  5. Beautiful, you have such good foliage where you live


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