Busy Bee

Oh my word, I have been the busiest of bees lately! Not to be a tease, but there's big stuff happening off-blog that will be discussed here in due time that has been eating up every free minute. These pictures and Monday's as well were snapped while on a brief business trip to England; the latter in the fading evening light as night creeped up on us. All this proverbial buzzing about does make my sweet bee knit from Mademoiselle YeYe quite a fitting pick. I'm always a sucker for bees and this knit is autumn perfection; I love how it paired with a classic vintage skirt. I also snagged her rain cloud jumper--an equally appropriate choice given our gloomy weather. (Delicate flats were ill-advised for the wet ground, but as yesterday's post proves, I'm a sucker for ballet flats!) November is quite gloomy with its early nights and damp days, but the foliage in our area might actually be peaking now. I'm hoping to get out and explore some new areas before winter fully sinks her claws in!
P.S. I just got these new 300 denier tights and they're the best. Officially the tights I will be wearing all winter; so thick and soft (but not too tight/suffocating) and keep my legs so much warmer than almost all of my other pairs. Wish they had them in more colors! Definitely the pair to consider if you're looking to go through winter in dresses and skirts.plaidskirt-12 plaidskirt-16-side plaidskirt-17
plaidskirt-19 plaidskirt-6 plaidskirt-23 plaidskirt-33-side plaidskirt-34 plaidskirt-36



  1. Pretty look and style and such a stunning backdrop. Warm greetings!

  2. Your skirt is so cute, I love the bee details on your top

  3. You're talking to a bee lover who lives in a French region with its own honey! Thank you, the bee details are so cute!

  4. Love your fashion photography! We enjoy your posts.

  5. Love the skirt! Also all the little bees. So cute!
    ~ Megan Joy

  6. I'm very excited for you even though I'm not sure about what yet, haha! But it seems career related and I've always rooted for you since you're clearly talented. I hope though, that whatever it is, you'll still have time to provide us with a weekly fashion fix : ) All the best to you!

    By the way, I'm curious about the purse. I don't see it listed.

    1. Sorry for the major delay in my response! I've been all over the place lately and not doing a very good job of keeping up with comments, but thank you so much for your thoughtful one! That's very sweet and yes it is career related; the plan is still to keep blogging and the job will actually be tied to what I do now (very excited to actually be able to just say what it is rather than tip-toeing around but also don't want to say it before it's set in stone!).
      And the purse is Zara--sorry I can't find the link right now (this is the same shape but it has embroidery: https://www.zara.com/uk/en/embroidered-oval-city-bag-p18668204.html?v1=4883016&v2=269223). That's another thing slipping through the cracks--I keep forgetting to list products in posts!

  7. Awww, the comment above is so sweet <3 I agree! :-) Was just gonna say: wow your hair is getting pretty long again!


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