Style Staples: Ballet Flats

I can still remember my first proper pair of ballet flats that I bought while in college. They were a soft metallic gold from Gap; a sort of fancy pair that maybe should've been saved for special occasions but I tended to wear on a near daily basis. I actually had quite the collection of gold shoes at one point though lately I tend to be drawn to more neutral tones...although even typing up this post has me wondering what is out there in the gold department. Back to the point though! Ever since that one fateful pair of ballet flats the style has become a staple in my wardrobe; like my saddle bags and gold hair accessories, ballet flats are something that will always be in high rotation for me and due to heavy wear a style I have to replace pretty often! I usually wear my favorite pieces until there are literal holes in the soles! Here are a few ballet flats I've currently got my eye on, since in my opinion you can never have too many...I'm tempted by dressing up some jeans with a brocade pair, or getting some be-ribboned styles, or perhaps even replacing my old cap-toes (the above style which is very old and beat-up now!).


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