An Elegant Christmas Party Look

aclotheshorse christmas at tomneys
It's getting to be the season where bloggers take pictures in freezing conditions in little skirts and heels with the disclaimer "my coat and scarf and mittens are just outside the frame of the picture!" For me there might also be a little hot water bottle lingering in that pile. I mean, it might be winter, but you can't just shoot pictures in your coat and the same hat you've worn every day this week!  Which makes me quite grateful whenever we can find a cozy corner inside to shoot in. No coat and I'm not losing sensation in my toes! When said location is seasonally appropriate and dripping in twinkle lights with Irish music drifting through the background, well, then that's a location I might just need to take pictures in a second time. We dropped back into Tomney's the other evening to warm our toes and take a few more pictures. This outfit is a more elegant take on the whole Christmas scheme; still very red and green but I swapped the novelty sweater and boots for a pretty printed blouse and quilted velvet skirt. Most days I'm more comfortable in the sweater and mini skirt, but every so often it's nice to trip around in something elegant. Although I have to say the sweater and boots are much more practical when you do leave the comfort of the pub...   aclotheshorse christmas at tomneysaclotheshorse christmas at tomneys
aclotheshorse christmas at tomneys aclotheshorse christmas at tomneys aclotheshorse christmas at tomneys aclotheshorse christmas at tomneys aclotheshorse christmas at tomneys



  1. Beautiful! I love the elegant look and it goes so well with background!Tomney's sounds (and looks) like the perfect setting for a holiday photoshoot. Thank you so much for the inspiration!

  2. Do you ever look NOT elegant? What a beautiful setting, so photogenic - just like you!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  3. so sophisticated! Love the curls too

  4. I could never tire of pictures of that pub. It's so pretty & it looks so cozy!

  5. That pub is so cute, I wish we had that here

  6. Very beautiful, I love your hair too.

  7. These pictures are so beautiful! Christmas goals right here <3


  8. such a gorgeous blouse & lovely images


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