Walking In A Winter Wonderland In Vintage

aclotheshorse vintage dress in the snow
Our house is perched at the edge of a lovely park. Most weekends the park is buzzing with dog walkers and families, but when the snow came everyone stayed away. We went out for a walk on Saturday and barely saw another soul. There was one family sledding down a hill near where we snapped these pictures but otherwise it was like a blanket of silence has settled over the park along with the snow. It was actually pretty lovely; it made the whole expanse around us feel like a private winter wonderland frosted just for us. A perfect setting for a festive vintage dress. I have set a goal for myself to wear more vintage, which shouldn't be too much of a challenge for me since I do own a handful of vintage pieces and love shopping antique malls! And one of my favorite Etsy shops, Sweet Bee Finds sent me a few dresses that couldn't be more perfect for the season too. This green patterned dress seems made for the a white Christmas especially layered underneath a cozy knit and paired with sensible boots. Sometimes I forget how easy it is to wear vintage; you don't have to dress it up but can wear a pretty dress from the 1950s styled quite practically even in the most brisk months! Check out Sweet Bee Finds for more gorgeous vintage pieces and her Instagram is also a great follow for sales and a first look at what is coming to the shop.
aclotheshorse vintage dress in the snow aclotheshorse vintage dress in the snow
aclotheshorse vintage dress in the snow aclotheshorse vintage dress in the snow aclotheshorse vintage dress in the snow aclotheshorse vintage dress in the snow aclotheshorse vintage dress in the snow aclotheshorse vintage dress in the snow



  1. The snow looks absolutely gorgeous. How I wish I could have a white Christmas too!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. I have so enjoyed your Instastories lately. Ireland looks like a dream with all the snow!

  3. How are the 300 dernier tights compared to the fleece tights you recomended earlier? I've been wondering about this. I found some fleece-lined tights in the U.S., but I find I'm still cold even though it's in the 50's here during the day. My daughter, who is out when it's in the 30's, sys she finds fleece tights warmer than sweater tights (and she isn't cold in them).

    Are you wearing thermals underneath your tights to keep you warm enough in the snow?

    Are the 300 dernier tights thicker than fleece tights? Or about the same?

    1. Fleece lined tights are probably still warmer than 300 denier tights--but I'm not an expert, so I hesitate to say one is definitively warmer or better. I don't wear thermals under my tights and most days am fine with just one pair of 300 denier tights (later in winter I might layer 2 pairs of tights). But everyone has a different tolerance for cold. I can wear tights through winter in snowy conditions without too much trouble but my hands are super sensitive to cold and even a few minutes outside without gloves in winter is painful to me; I tend to carry handwarmers and tiny hot water bottles if I know I'll be out for long even with my gloves! But my legs, they aren't as sensitive so a good pair of tights and smart boots and I'm fine there. I would still recommend fleece lined as the warmest from my experience but there are also "heat tech" tights by uniqlo that get a good reputation (no experience there).

  4. Hi! Do you know any brands/shops like Princess Highway? I love their dresses but I live in Sweden and the custom duty will be too expensive. Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Louise, Just like Princess Highway I don't really see any comparable brands in the UK/Europe. Modcloth has a similar style, but you might have the same customs fees issues there since they are based in the US. Aspire Style is a UK store that carries similarly styled pieces, so that might be a good place to start--they carry a mix of brands so one of those brands might be close to what you are looking for.

  5. I love vintage clothing and this outfit is just so pretty! And these photos are so wonderful! It's so nice that you got to experience this magical wonderland mostly to yourselves.

    Sweet Helen Grace

  6. That skirt is so pretty, I love the snowy landscape

  7. What a stunning photoshoot with your red hair against the snow! Loving that vintage dress (and vintage anything ) but what a great find- just checked out their instagram and am loving all of it. Those dresses look extremely flattering, too!


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