In The Bleak Midwinter

As I said in the post yesterday, winter is a bit bleak in these parts, but I don't want to complain too much as I live in such a beautiful area in pretty much every other season! And sometimes there's a beauty in the bleakness. The other day our village was blanketed in mist. It made for a dark day, but also a moody, mystical atmosphere perfect for some pictures. I threw on one of my new vintage coats and the perfect brogue boots and hurried out to the nearest woodland path with antique lantern in hand. On days like this I want to feel nice in my clothes (which tends to be something more dressed up or feminine) but comfort is also of utmost importance, especially I suppose as I get older and my tolerance for twisted ankles and winter shivers shortens. I still can get through most wintry days in dresses and tights, but I tend to be quite layered up underneath and practical boots are definitely a priority especially given my location. I can't seem to go anywhere this winter without having to traverse a bit of mud or ice depending on the temperature. So many of my heels are semi-retired for a couple of months at least and some of my most practical boots are getting the most wear. These boots are a happy medium; a style in the classic brogue shape I love so much, but still quite practical. Paired with a vintage "princess" coat and you've really got the best of both worlds; an outfit that feels romantic and personal, but is functional enough for a shadowy walk on a misty day. mistywoods
vintage coat & initial brooch, old gloves, Deichmann's oxford boots
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vintage coat & brooch, old gloves, Deichmann's oxford boots


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