Six Instagrammers For Winter Inspiration

courtneysteevescourtney steeves
I'm slowly getting back into the swing of regular blog posts, although I must admit to feeling a bit rusty. In winter it's so easy to let a break become a habit; to let the cold weather and grey days drain your motivation out of you. When we don't have snow (which is most of the time!) it feels hard too shoot outside, hard to find inspiration in a world turned rather bleak. Still there's beauty to be found in the world, no matter the season, and we can't let that grim weather be our excuse to shut down! So I'm pushing myself to find new places and ideas to photograph in the next couple of months and when the photos don't turn out (as is inevitable sometimes) to keep posting. If you're similarly feeling a bit of a creative slump, then maybe you'll find these Instagrammers as inspiring as I do. Their captures are gorgeous and some of my favorite to get updates from these days.


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