Snow Fox

Well we have been getting more snow than I ever could have anticipated in our sleepy little village. And when the snow really starts coming down the town seems to get even sleepier; we barely saw a car or another soul on the road while taking these pictures and this is the main street of the village. I'm wearing a new sweater from Modcloth in the loveliest orange that matches my fox scarf perfectly. Usually I'm all about bright colors in my closet, even in the middle of winter but this year I've been dressing quite a bit more somber--all those grey days and the bare landscape is affecting my style! So it was nice to throw on a bit of color and stripes for once. And I even had a perfect snow fox ring to match the weather as well! Don't worry I didn't dance around in the street for too long and was back inside curled up by the radiator watching the snow through the window for most of the day.   snowfox-26snowfox-30-side
old dress & scarf, Modcloth sweater, vintage boots, GoodAfterNine snow fox ring
snowfox-2 snowfox-14 snowfox-10 snowfox-17-side snowfox-5 snowfox-29
old dress & scarf, Modcloth sweater, vintage boots, GoodAfterNine snow fox ring



  1. Such a creative cute way of wearing a pinafore during winter. Guess I'll be whipping out my own, thanks for the inspiration! ❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. These photos are so dreamy! I love that cute ring

  3. So beautiful, but I couldn't help wondering, were you freezing in these photos?? I'm such a wimp with the cold (living in LA will do that). :-)

    1. Not really; it wasn't that cold and I was only out with my coat for a few minutes :)

  4. Lovely pictures. :) I hope we get more snow this year.

  5. I'm in love with your outfit 💕 it's really cute! And I tell you you have a beautiful hair !


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