#Quietinthewild in Winter

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Can you believe it has been over a year since I introduced the idea of "finding quiet in the wild?" At its core it's a term for me to use to describe my blog. It's a phrase I come up with that sums up my goals in blogging and photography so succinctly I don't know if another phrase will ever be as sufficient. Finding quiet in the wild is having that moment of calm and wonder when you're alone in the beauty of nature and for at least one brief moment everything else disappears and there's real peace. Shortly after I coined the term I decided to expand it, to turn it into a hashtag and invite people to join me in sharing their moments of #quietinthewild. Wildly enough since that day there have been more than 18,000 posts in the hashtag! How wild is that?! I was worried I wouldn't get a 100 people to join me and now there are 18,000 pictures in one year all celebrating their moments of calm in the beauty of nature. I've been sharing my favorites on a weekly basis on Instagram through my Instagram stories, but I thought I ought to start sharing some here, at least seasonally. So here's an excuse for you to pause today and find a bit of escape in the great outdoors in winter...


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