Swinging Through Nottingham

If you've been following my Instagram you might have noticed that last weekend I went on a whistle-stop tour of Nottingham. Between traveling and work I am quite behind on my blog posting, but now I have some lovely pictures of Nottingham to share over the week or so, which is especially nice since I don't find my own backyard quite as inspiring to photograph and explore in January and February! Nottingham in my opinion was the definition of a hidden gem--well maybe it isn't so hidden, but I hadn't thought about going there before! Which made for the whole visit being a pleasant surprise; it reminds me of one of my favorite lines in a movie where a character says, "I enjoy being half-educated. Makes everything so much more interesting." I was definitely only half-educated about Nottingham and now I'd even go back in a different season to discover more. I loved that we could walk almost everywhere we wanted to explore and the every break for food was always amazing. I mean, I might prefer to live in the countryside, but when it comes to dining cities have us country mice sorely beat; our address is so rural I have yet to find a pizza place that delivers to us! Needless to say this means we cook a lot at home, so one of my favorite indulgences when we travel is all the restaurants. I'm not really a foodie or anything, but I loved everything we had on this trip even the pub food. This trip makes me want to plan more weekends away!
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beret, old dress, old crossbody bag, Miss L Fire booties, tights
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beret, old dress, old crossbody bag, Miss L Fire booties, tights


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