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parkanaur-10I don't mind the term bookworm, it's one I would apply to myself quite readily, however doesn't book-nymph have such a nicer ring to it? Instead of being a spineless creature of dirt, you get to call yourself after a mythical creature of nature. Much prettier. Although another fun twist is book-wyrm, which translates to book-serpent or dragon and is also a vast improvement on the regular old spelling and meaning which was meant to be derogatory from origination. Nymph, wyrm, or worm, however I'd accept any title that has book attached to it since I'm quite attached to those. It's very fitting that we snapped these pictures with a vintage novel we recently added to our collection because I have been spending every free moment with my nose buried in a book for the last few weeks! I think Thomas is getting quite tired of me being so preoccupied with reading actually! It's the sort of obsessive phase with books I'd have when I was younger when I would get in trouble for staying up too late reading. I remember being in junior high and thinking that I was the only kid who was getting yelled at for reading too much--the reading wasn't really the problem, it was the reading until 2am on a school night that was objected to! Of course now I'm an adult and no one can stop me if I decide to stay up until 2am reading... parkanaur-14 parkanaur-33-side
old blouse, vintage necklace & tweed dress, sheer stockingsMiss Royal Vintage oxfords parkanaur-28 parkanaur-21 parkanaur-6 parkanaur-20 parkanaur-15 parkanaur-32-sideparkanaur-12 parkanaur-3 parkanaur-13 parkanaur-11
old blouse, vintage necklace & tweed dress, sheer stockingsMiss Royal Vintage oxfords



  1. Oh my gosh, I was the same when I was young - I got scolded all the time for reading too much at inappropriate times! Think, while I'm walking (including crossing the roads and going down the stairs), during dinner, staying up late... but hey, it was worth it! ❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. I remember when my teacher wrote in my school report, that I should focus as much on the lesson as on the books I was reading during class under my desk... ;) In German, we're not called bookworm, but bookrat, which isn't really better... So thank you for creating a new (and so much better) term for all of us Book Nymphs out there! :)

    1. Oh my word, I actually love that you say "bookrat" that's hilarious (although yes just as bad)!

  3. Likewise a bookworm here! :) To be honest, I always found the term rather cute, despite its derogatory origins. As someone trained in biology, might I venture to suggest that worms are actually pretty great? Their actions make the soil fertile, without which we wouldn't have all these wonderful growing things (to vastly oversimplify). So they are hardworking and helpful, but often overlooked--I think that makes them worthy of being preceded by the word "book." ;)

    (Not ragging on you for your preferences, by the way, this is in good fun. Also I love your blog!)

  4. I love this post! I was the very same as I child, I still am now. I sit in the staff room in work and read on my lunch away from every one. Sometimes you need that peace in work. Also I'm OBSESSED with those shoes!! I need them �� I love these photos. You're giving me serious inspiration. I showed my boyfriend and was like YOU HAVE TO TAKE PHOTOS LIKE THESE!!!!

  5. So pretty, I love these photos and your dress

  6. I Know this is a personal style blog but I wish we could have had a peek inside the book. You featured the cover so nicely and the word "illustrated" just jumped at me. If they are anything like the cover they must be quite beautiful! But then here I am judging a book by it's cover, haha!!

  7. I was the exact same way as a kid- and am still the same way as an adult! Luckily I have made a career out of reading (I am getting my Ph.D. in history). Your photography is always so beautiful.

  8. I absolutely adore this look!


  9. Best worst habit ever, maybe? Reading until 2am still gets me in trouble -- by my pregnant self, when I have to wake up at 6am to two kids, haha! But it's worth it. Always. ;) Love these photos!

  10. I can completely relate. I was always getting myself into trouble for reading too much while growing up! I really like your term 'book nymph'. So lovely. Beautiful pics too and I LOVE those shoes!


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