Walking In Snowdrops

Snowdrops are said to be the first sign of spring; a promise that our long nights and cold days will soon be behind us...This year they were a bit of a false promise. Blooming in the start of February they formed a pretty while blanket of buds in the forest paths near us, but now as they start to fade we hold our breath for the promised snowfall expected this week. I think my coat-less days might be behind me again, even though I was only coat-less long enough to take these pictures! It seems too soon to be swapping my ballet flats for boots again. Still it was nice to see a glimpse of the spring that has to arrive eventually in these pretty little snowdrops. Spring might be my favorite season in Ireland, so I'm eagerly anticipating it...even if it might still be a couple of months off. snowdrops-18 snowdrops-29


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