Sunny Stripes

Sometimes you fall in love with a piece of clothing but you're not sure how it will work in your wardrobe or on your body. Other times you fall in love with something and then you see the price tag...but that's a story for another day. Today's sorry is this vintage wool skirt I picked up over Christmas while in the States and while I loved it I did wonder when I would get a chance to wear it. And how would I wear it! In winter when I would want to wear a heavy wool skirt I tend to gravitate towards darker colors, so when would this cheerful, colorful skirt fit into a cozy outfit? Turns out February was the time! It was such a perfect match for my new bicycle pullover from Modcloth, both surprisingly warm and cozy pieces perfect for a day when the sun was shining even though the temperature hovered in the low 40s. I'm really craving all the bright colored clothes right now and Modcloth has so many cute pieces in stock. They even have more bicycle pieces, like this printed dress. Can you tell I'm so sick of wearing tights? I managed on this day to bare a tiny bit of ankle, but already my bare leg days are behind me for a week at least as our street is currently dusted with snow! I guess what they say about March coming in like a lion is true for this year--let's just hope it goes out like the lamb it's supposed to! sunnystripes-23 sunnystripes-25 sunnystripes-16
sunnystripes-18-side sunnystripes-15 sunnystripes-14 sunnystripes-22-side sunnystripes-24 sunnystripes-10



  1. How is it possible that it is so sunny in Ireland? Here in North-East England, we have lots of snow and terrible cold. Anyway, you look beautiful! The skirt is great, but I love your jumper even more! It's so cute!

    1. These pictures are from last week, although we still haven't got much snow in my area. Just a light dusting.

  2. Your top is so darling, I love it with your skirt

  3. This whole outfit is SO perfect! That skirt is gorgeous and I love love love how it pair with the sweater! And, these photos are making me desperately wish for sunshine! any sunshine, just something other than dismal clouds!

  4. I know that feeling very well, but almost always this piece of clothing become my favourite because - for example - for it's weirdness or how I felt at the time I was buying it :)


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