Promises of Summer

In the past few years autumn has become my favorite season, but prior to that I've always loved summer. Ireland cured me of my love for summer, since it's quite the tease and others seasons are when the countryside really glows. But I still have a soft spot for my first love. Oh summer! With your lingering summer light and warmth that soaks into every inch of your skin! With a fresh coat of snow piling up on my doorstep our summer seems further away than ever, but I did find a bit of warmth and sunshine last week with some new jewelry from Alex Monroe. The bee necklace and lace heart hoop earrings are from their Summer of Love collection; a romantic collection of lace trimmed hearts and floral letters. They're the sort of pieces that pair perfect with little white eyelet dresses and fields of flowers. I couldn't quite manage the fields of flowers, so I grabbed an armful of blooms and headed to the warmest place I could think of close to my home--a greenhouse--for these pictures. It would be nice to pick up and fly somewhere really warm, but I suppose that would be a bit excessive just for a few pictures, no? Still summer must come eventually and for now I'll wear these as a promise of its inevitable arrival with buzzing bees and lightweight little dresses...   alexmonroe-19 alexmonroe-20
alexmonroe-14-side alexmonroe-15 alexmonroe-22 alexmonroe-23-side2 alexmonroe-16 alexmonroe-4


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