Pinny For Your Thoughts

Sometimes people say they love how my style hasn't changed since my early days of blogging, but since I can't look through my archives without cringing I don't entirely agree with that assessment! I mean I do feel my overall style ethos is consistent--quirky, ladylike, retro--those themes are quite constant even if they weren't executed in the most elegant way while I was still in college! But even though I often define certain things as "signature" pieces for me and thus end up buying half a dozen versions of the same thing, the signature changes every few years. I remember back ages ago when I lived and blogged from Virginia how often I would wax eloquent about the necessity of a good trench coat and how there was a version out there for everyone. I had several myself; classic ones straight from film noir and quirky ones covered in liberty print. I'm still a fan of a trench coat as Monday's post evidences, but they're less of a signature for me (perhaps because I live somewhere much colder--ho hum!). Instead at the moment I find a pinafore dress to be one of my biggest signatures and I have been filling my closet with loads of those! A heavy wool vintage one with delicate floral embroidery, a full-skirted modern one with suspender braces, and now this simple cord one in olive green. It's much more sixties in style than my others--shorter and straighter, but lately I seem to wear it two or three times a week, so you could say I'm a bit addicted. It even matches my new boots from Ana Monsalve so perfectly! In fact I like it so much I'm considering picking it up in other colors; it is on sale and although some of my favorite shades are sold out in my size I'm thinking of getting it a size too big and tailoring...What do you think? Are you in favor of stocking up on favorites in multiple colors or would you recommend only buying one and going for more variety in your wardrobe? I think as I get older my wardrobe has far less variety. When I was younger I used to want to dress up as a different character every few days and would walk the line between dress-up and getting dressed, feeling subversively theatrical in my choices. Now I feel less theatrical, more classic and settled into myself...but maybe it's just winter speaking as colder temperatures also make me less adventurous! Hard to dress up just for fun when you're also trying to figure out if you're going to be shivering all day in your outfit!  pinafore-18 pinafore-26
pinafore-16-side pinafore-29 pinafore-24 pinafore-28 pinafore-25-side pinafore-35 pinafore-34


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