Spring Wishlist

This post is severely pre-mature since realistically I know I won't be wearing spring clothes for months probably (or at least not in any sort of non-layered, comfortable way--I might just shiver into some spring brights for the sake of it), but one thing that keeps me optimistic while we're still getting the random snow shower is planning what I will wear once it does get warm! And for me ideal spring dressing does just tend to jump straight to summer. I mean in autumn you're transitioning to winter and adding layers, but in spring you're transitioning to summer so you still need layers, but who wants to keep wearing their dark tights and boots into spring? Even if I do still need tights and layers I'm hoping to transition into brighter colors and sheer stockings and the cheeriest accessories I can! My priority items are more basket bags--I already have a few vintage ones, but I'm craving the even more cliched Birkin basket version at the moment... 


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