Feeling Rusty

Over the weekend we headed out to take pictures and much to my amazement the sun came with us! I think it has been months since we took pictures with sunshine. Mist, rain, and wind have been more frequent companions to our photo jaunts lately. I felt rusty taking pictures with the sun; squinting into the light, trying backlit photographs when the sun was too high in the sky, etc, but I might have loads of opportunity to practice and get more used to it this week since weather predictions are calling for a rain-free week for once. Yep, definitely not sure what to make of that! I was getting so sick of the weather and feeling cold I was contemplating buying a last minute ticket to visit my sister in Florida--definitely not the wisest investment! But now I'm starting to get excited for all of the minute signs of spring in the air and the fact I ventured out over the weekend in just a trench coat (vs a coat with gloves, hat, and mittens). Once everything starts blooming there isn't anywhere I would rather be than Ireland, but man, February makes me cranky every year! Thank goodness it's such a short month and we're not too far from the end of it now...
bricktrench-5 bricktrench-23
bricktrench-7-side bricktrench-17bricktrench-8 bricktrench-28 bricktrench-11-side bricktrench-14 bricktrench-25



  1. Gorgeous trench coat, and it looks especially good on you with your beautiful hair! ❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. I used to hate rust, but I don't know why, for some reason I've been totally loving it lately. Of course, it looks awesome on you. xx


  3. It is so nice that the sun came out, I am loving your trench


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