Celebrating the Sunshine

Spring has arrived at long last in bonny Ireland. As if aware of how much we missed the warmth and light, the sunshine was out to welcome spring back into our lives! It's still a bit cooler and there are less things blooming than usual right now, but we'll focus on the positive and celebrate our days of sunshine while we have them, no? Spring more than New Years always feels like the start of new beginnings to me. We start booking holidays, cleaning out our closets and homes, and generally walking about with a bit more pep and optimism for what lies ahead--in our house anyway. The longer days means we feel as if we can squeeze more in, tackle new projects, and generally get outside more. In January I'm mostly dreading how much more of winter there is to endure, but as spring rolls around my list of things I'm excited about is nearly unending. Even my dress is a party in print form! It's Cath Kidston's 25th birthday celebration print featuring favorite figures from their classic prints throughout the years. What are you celebrating this week? cathkidston-23cathkidston-9-side
cathkidston-17 cathkidston-14 cathkidston-27 cathkidston-18-side cathkidston-11


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