The Castle Cat-Lovers Need To Visit

This wasn't my first time exploring Belfast Castle, but this time we headed out on a sunny day to snap some pictures around the grounds and it was the first time I noticed the preponderance of cats in the castle gardens. We didn't take too many pictures around the gardens since they're not quite "springing to life" yet, but the cat mural photographed below is just the tip of the cat's whisker (a teaser to entice any cat-lover to go find all the cats for themselves). In summer there are cat topiaries and year-round statues, mosaics, even ironwork of cats, are scattered throughout the gardens numbering to a total a nine cats--some are more hidden than others and the reception desk of the castle will provide a cat map to help you locate them all. The reason the castle is a bit cat-mad is an old legend that states visitors to Belfast Castle will have good luck as long as a cat resides there. In retrospect I probably should have worn a cat print dress as a nod to the gardens we shot beside, but instead I couldn't resist bringing my latest Modcloth dress here. It's still a bit brisk here for this sort of outfit, but I have summer holidays dancing in my head and couldn't resist wearing it simply with matching flats and a vintage fascinator. I've been wearing Modcloth since the very beginning of this blog--I think my first post wearing a Modcloth dress was back in 2009!--and I'm just about as in love with their offerings now as I was way back then. I snagged a few of these ladylike dresses for spring and I feel really elegant in all of them; they're cut a bit longer than my usual preference but worn with little ballet flats this length makes me feel a bit like Audrey Hepburn. 
belfastcastle-21 belfastcastle-5-side
vintage headband, Modcloth sundress c/o (also comes in navy, grey stripes, and red floral), more basket bags, yellow flats
belfastcastle-15 belfastcastle-10 belfastcastle-18 belfastcastle belfastcastle-38 belfastcastle-39-side belfastcastle-11 belfastcastle-37 belfastcastle-26 belfastcastle-7


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