Expectations vs Reality

March is a brisk month. It's often a month of rainy days and muddy fields, this I know and yet--and yet, some part of me always hopes in vain that when March rolls around I can shed my layers like a snake and spend my days in ballet flats with basket bags. Heck, I hope almost any month in Ireland was suited for that weather, but it so rarely is! Over the weekend I decided to shoot two outfits based on my (unrealistic) expectations and reality. One look is what I wish I was wearing now on a carefree sunny day and the other is what I can comfortably stroll around in on our grey days (and even then I'm often told I should be in trousers instead of tights). Truthfully, neither look is better or worse--some people prefer colder weather--but in my heart I will be the girl in the flats soaking up every bit of sunshine I can. At least if the weather is brisk, the houses are warm. This is one of my favorite thatches with its decorative windows and yellow-washed walls. There are daffodil stems growing in the yard here and what a sight that will be when they finally unfurl; a sea of yellow flowers against the yellow walls! We might need to make another trip out here in a week or two to see that or maybe I should book a trip to warmer climes so I can live out my fantasy of a summer wardrobe in March... derrymoore-15-side derrymoore-5 derrymoore-4
vintage coat, ASOS dress, lace-up boots, circle bag
derrymoore-9 derrymoore-27 derrymoore-17-side derrymoore-13 derrymoore-32 derrymoore-25


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